Wedding bands – For most of the people, they agree that having the right wedding bands are one of the most important part of the marriage. The wedding bands symbolize your union, commitment and love for one another. From other point of view, it is a jewelry piece that you will wear it everyday throughout all the years ahead. So, having your right wedding bands is an very important thing for your marriage and it is a day-to-day wearing jewelry indeed.

Selecting the favorite wedding bands has always been the most time consuming task for every groom and bride. There is a numerous of brands from different designs, price ranges, metals, stories behind,etc…So, how to choose YOUR wedding bands?

1. Set your budget

Different wedding band designs have different price ranges. The price range is sometimes vary much as you could imagine. Setting your budget on buying the 2 wedding bands at the most beginning will help you to narrow your selection range and make you focus on the right pieces that you are potentially to buy most likely. Normally, a woman’s wedding band may have a higher price of a man’s one due to the diamond setting on the bands. Most of the woman’s wedding band have diamonds that makes it looks more feminine.

2. Select the metal

When choosing the metal for your wedding rings, consider color, durability, and weight as well as your lifestyle, personal preferences, and needs. If you’re looking for a white metal, consider platinum, palladium, cobalt, 18k white gold, and 14k white gold. For a warm glow, the traditional 18k yellow gold may be your best choice. Cobalt wedding bands are a durable, lightweight, and affordable option for men. Matching wedding bands add another element of romance to your wedding. If you’re considering this option, note the metal of her engagement ring and any other jewelry you both regularly wear such as watches. Some brands will provide metal coating service to change the wedding band’s color if you would like some difference one day.

3. Select your style

Wide variety of wedding ring styles both with and without diamonds, including classic, modern, and vintage. Women’s diamond wedding bands may have extraordinary sparkle and shine in every shape and style. Men’s plain wedding bands and women’s plain wedding bands have classic appeal for those who want or need a simpler ring. For woman, try to have styles that match with your engagement ring. It will have a totally different feeling when your put them together.

4. Find your size

Find your size by a ring sizer. Beware that if you are trying the size in summer, DO NOT select a size which you feel loose. In summer time, your fingers will be bloated due to the hot weather. It is an opposite when you are trying the size in winter

5. Timing

This is the most important thing that you have to beware of. From our experience here at Skatell’s Jewelers, couples usually spend too much time on selecting the style and once they confirm the rings, they found that their size are not available. Re-sizing or new production would be needed in that case. In normal, at least 2 weeks for re-sizing and 4-6 weeks should be expected for a new production. Therefore, start to source your wedding bands and confirm the order earlier as possible