We know that it takes a happy combination of events and planning to produce a perfect” wedding. “ Here are a few tips from the professional planners at Weddings Beautiful Worldwide.

If you are concerned about a guest list that has gotten out of hand and is too long for your taste or budget, assemble an unedited list of names (potential guests) and ask everyone involved to rank the names from most to least important. Count up the “most important” names and see what the list looks like. If it is close to budget, thank everyone and settle the list. If the numbers are still off, then ask people to cut a designated percentage from their lists. Take stock of the new total and see if the process needs to be repeated.

Don’t even consider sending invitations to an “A” list of guests, only to invite someone from a “B” list when someone from the first list declines. That is so “Kardashian”!

To determine the size of the site you’ll need for your reception, be sure to investigate the parking facilities and the rest rooms as well as the size of the reception room(s). The rule of thumb for toilets is that there should be at least one for every 25 guests. The parking lot should accommodate one parking space for every two guests.

Always have at least one attendant assigned to your gift table at the reception even if you are not planning to open and display the gifts there. BY THE WAY, that is the best and preferred way. Money gifts should be kept in special receptacles and secured. Many weddings hire special security for the reception to keep an eye on gifts and to assist in their proper transport after the celebration is over.

If parents and stepparents are contributing money for your reception, it is much better to pool the money in advance. Then no contributor will demand to take control of how the money is spent. If someone feels strongly about “sponsoring” a particular wedding expense, it is far better to know that up front and working with that person to accommodate preferences.

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